Schalke 04 gets B-juniors

In the well-filled Gelsenkirchen Parkstadion, a lively duel developed in front of 3150 spectators between the winners of the U-17 federal west and south/southwest. VfB developed a increase in opportunities in the initial phase with the first degrees by Kara (2nd), Raimund (4th) and Fritschi (Latte, 10.). Schalke did a little less for the game, but did not hide and marked the first big chance in the person of Dörr (14th).

The Stuttgart, some of which were given a lot of space in the center, pushed for the lead goal. Boakye (24th), Di Benedetto (25th) and Co. had to be chalked up in the meantime. But S04 also did not score with efficiency: After a nice move, Rüzgar gave free in front of VfB keeper Seimen (28th). The game flattened off a bit until the break, the shots from the distance remained harmless.

Stuttgart leadership only shortly

Der S04 ist wieder da! Schalke ist zurück in der Bundesliga! Aufstieg 2022 mit Pyro & Platzsturm After the change of sides, it was time again in both directions. After Hannak's attempt was still blocked (48th), VfB captain Simic put the guests in the lead by header (53.). Stuttgart did not give up at first, but then the narrows took control. Dörr was still offside, but then the doorbell rang after a Double chance: Battista clarified strongly on the line, so that I had to watch the equalizer from Osmani (64.).

Huras fails on the post-VfB keeper first penalty shooter

As a result, VfB took over the upper hand again. Ulrich forced Schalke goalkeeper Yusufu to a glossy act (70th) before the game became a bit wild in the final minutes. The degrees of Huras (75th) and Boakye (80th) did not find their way into the goal, so that it went into the twice ten -minute extension - and after only one post shot from Huras (97.) even in the penalty shootout.

In this curious, VfB keeper Seimen was the first shooter - and converted. However, because the following two Stuttgart shooters were awarding, Osmani had the match ball on his foot-and the Schalke held the pressure and chose the royal blue for the first time since 2002 to the German B-Junior champion.


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